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Sustainability Strategy Development

Kick-off Workshop

Great way to get started

Want to explore how going green could help your business prosper?
Need help identifying immediate priorities and long term opportunities?
Want to bring multiple functions together to create a single vision?

We can design a
to meet your needs

FOR ONLY $2,400!

Basic package includes:
- Custom workshop design and pre-work
- Facilitiation of 1-day on-site workshop 
- Full report including Action Plan, Strategy Recommendations, Tools and Templates
Our Approach
- We will conduct research and interviews to understand your business landscape
- Participants will recieve pre-work and material to get everyone grounded before we begin.
- Priorities and opportunities for your business will be identified via a SWOT analyisis approach.
What we will deliver
- 90-day action plan recommendation to get you started on key priorities
- Long term strategic priorities based on biggest potential impacts and stakeholder interests.
- Tools, templates and team structure recommendations to ensure success going forward.